March 2021

The word is out!

Facebook Ads went live this week, so the game has been played by the general public!  So far the feedback has been excellent, far outreaching our expectations.

Also, we've been chatting to Gord from Review The Room, UK based Escape Room Blog. Gord has played the game and provided amazing feedback (thank you Gord!)

Check out Review the Room here

We're networking!

We've been busy over the last few weeks getting to know the community. 

We were grateful that Cici from ESCAPETHEROOMers (an online blog/vlog site for escape rooms, online games, table-top games and anything immersive) reached out to let us know that we'd been added to their list, joining 800+ companies and 2700+ online games!

You can visit ESCAPETHEROOMers here.

We're listed on Escape The Review!

Utopia Institute and Escape Fun are now listed on Escape The Review.  You can visit the listing here

We'd like to thank the guys at Escape The Review and encourage you to visit the site where you can search for other Escape Rooms to try with your friends and Family, be they online or physical Escape Rooms located all over the globe.

You can visit Escape The Review here.